Easy Steps To Enhance Your Beauty! 100 Beauty Tips (21 to 40)


21. Be conscious of your weight – One of the many things that can affect your beauty is your weight. Thus, it is best that you keep a close watch to it. Whether you gain or lose too much of it, you would start to have problems in properly fitting your clothes. Thus, it is best to maintain your weight at an ideal level, so that you would look fit and healthy all the time.

22. Don’t visit the kitchen too often – If you want to prevent having bouts and bouts of acne infection, you should avoid going to the kitchen, especially when someone is cooking. You need to keep in mind that there is oil floating around your kitchen, when it is heated. Therefore, if you visit it lots of times in a day, then you would be accumulating oil on your skin, which is bad news.

23. Minimize stress – Whenever you are stressed out, it would actually show on your eyes, the expression of your face, as well as your skin. In fact, stress can also cause pimples. Therefore, you should minimize stress as much as possible. You can do that by taking deep breaths whenever you encounter stressful situations. Aside from that, it is also best to follow other healthy practices.

24. Avoid oily foods – When you eat foods that are filled with oil, it would eventually get accumulated, which can lead to weight gain. Gaining weight can alter your figure, aside from the fact that it can put you at risk to a number of diseases. In addition, oily foods is also one of the top causes of pimples.

25. Keep your hands off your face – If you want to prevent pimples to affect your image, then you should keep your hands off your face. You need to remember that there is always a tendency for your hands to touch certain things, which may contain dirt and bacteria. When you touch your face on a regular basis, then you may irritate it. Thus, touch your face only when you need to, and only with a recently washed hand.

26. Keep away from the sun – Exposing yourself to the sun can irritate your skin, which can lead to having pimples. Aside from that, it can also cause dry skin. Therefore, it is best to stay in the shade in most parts of the day. If you really need to go out, then it is best to make use of a qualit constantly rubs against your face, then it can also be the root cause for having acne infection.

31. Change your beauty routine for summer and spring – Being beautiful means that you are wearing the right types of clothing for the right season. Therefore, you have to become more familiar of the clothing trends for different seasons. Aside from that, unlike summer, during the spring season, your skin needs less coverage; thus, it is best to wear lighter makeup for that time of the year.

32. Apply avocado or coconut oil on your hair during winter – During the winter months, due to the fact that it is too cold, it can leave your hair dry. Aside from that, it can also become brittle, which can lead to split ends. Thus, it is best to apply avocado or coconut oil on it, so that you can ensure that it has good moisture.

33. Check your makeup kit each year – Each and every year, you should open and check your makeup kit. Bring out all the things that it contains, so that you can see each and every item that you have. Checking it properly would allow you to throw away those items that are about to expire, and buy newer ones for you to use for the following year.

34. Take care of your hair brushes – You need to clean your hair brushes in a regular basis, in order to maintain the health of your hair. Keep in mind that whenever you use your hair brush while you are outside, or after going outside, it would accumulate dust or dirt. Therefore, if you won’t clean it, then you might be returning back the dust it has collected when you use it after taking a bath, since your hair is wet.

35. Avoid shampooing or washing your hair everyday – Although washing your hair and shampooing it each day means that it would also smell great, it may not be good for your scalp. Frequent shampooing and washing can actually lead to dry scalp. When that happens, your hair would also appear dry, and it could even lead to dandruff.

36. Trim your hair every 6 to 8 weeks – It is always a good idea to trim your hair on a regular basis, such as every month, or at least every 6 to 8 weeks. Trimming it can ensure proper hair growth. Thus, it can enhance its shine, aside from preventing the occurrence of split ends.

37. How to condition greasy hair properly – When you apply a conditioner to your oily hair, it is best to avoid applying it directly to its roots. This is because, it can make your greasy hair more oily. Thus, it is best to apply conditioner around the point where your hair meets up with your ears, and up to its tips.

38. Avoid shampoo or hair products that are filled with sulfates – It is always best to check on the label of the shampoo that you are about to buy from the grocery store. This way, you can avoid products that are filled with sulfates. Sulfates can be harsh to your hair, which can dry up its cuticle.

39. Make it a practice to remove makeup before bedtime – Whenever you go to parties, and you find yourself too sleepy to remove your makeup before you sleep, then it is best not to apply makeup at all. Leaving makeup on your skin for the night can dry up your skin. Aside from that, it can also irritate it, which can lead to pimples.

40. Remove dead skin with the use of an exfoliate product – Accumulated dead skin can cause your skin to get irritated or dried up. Therefore, it is best to remove them, with the use of an exfoliate product. Just limit the process for 2 or 3 times in a week though, since some exfoliating products may also contain substances that can dry your skin.

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