“How to Have a Wonderful Wedding” (Part 2) Surviving the Engagement

From this point, you have to deal with some issues which affect each step in the journey to your actual wedding:

Finances: There is a cost attached to each part of the journey and the wedding itself. On top of everything else you have to contend with, it’s very important to keep your available funds in mind.
It would be a bad mistake to splurge on your dream wedding to the extent that you are both consigned to a financial nightmare at the start of your marriage.

Another important financial consideration is to be aware that the other people involved, family and friends, may have limited finances but feel obligated to meet any requests or arrangements you make. Don’t put an unreasonable burden on them.

Schedule: Almost everything will take longer than you might anticipate. I’ll give you a list of important milestones to plug into your personal calendar. Because everybody’s situation and obligations are different, you’ll need to adjust it to fit you.

Health: It’s obvious that there will be demands on your physical and emotional strength above what you’re probably used to. So, it’s a good idea to get a full physical check early on and make sure that you eat well and exercise to help you cope with all of it.

Ideas By Maureen Parnell

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